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(Formally Brixham Blind Club)
Supporting Torbay & South Devon Sight Impaired People

Over two million people in the UK are living with sight loss that has a significant impact on their daily lives. This estimate is split into three categories depending on the level of sight loss experienced which have been termed in literature as mild, moderate and severe. (Data from RNIB Sight Loss Data Tool) 

Visual impairment in Torbay is higher than the UK average and increasing (the statistics below relate to Torbay only but reflect the situation across the South Devon area
According the RNIB statistics (2016) there are an estimated 5,750 people living with some degree of sight loss in Torbay. Of this total, 3,700 are living with mild sight loss, 1,270 are living with moderate sight loss and 790 are living with severe sight loss.     
4.3% of the total population of Torbay are living with sight loss, compared to 3.1% of the total population of England. By 2030, it is expected there will be 7,860 people in Torbay living with sight loss, an increase of 36.7%. By 2030, the number of people living with severe sight loss is estimated to be 1,120, an increase of 41.8%.   
This higher level of visual impairment and expected increase, is largely related to Torbay’s older than average population but increases are also due to increases in conditions which can cause sight loss (e.g. diabetes, stroke). Statistics show that 24% of people in Torbay have a long-term illness or disability that limits day to day activity compared with 18% in England (2011).
The Impact of sight loss
Losing your sight can have a profound impact on a person’s life. Everyday activities such as making a cup of tea, reading, cooking, shopping, going outside and using the internet, can become a challenge. Sight loss can lead to isolation and loneliness and have an emotional and financial impact on people’s lives.

Evidence suggests that the more severe someone's sight loss is, the higher the probability that they never leave their home. Almost half of people who report poor vision or blindness say that they "always" purposely limit the amount of walking they do outside the house.

There is a link between sight loss and reduced psychological wellbeing, particularly for older people. Older blind and partially sighted people are three times more likely to experience depression than those with good vision.
Older people with sight loss are more prone to falls than their sighted peers. The risk of injury from falls is nearly twice as high and so is the rate of hip fractures. When visual impairment forms part of a falls reduction plan, falls can be reduced by as much as 14 per cent (RNIB response to Centre for Policy on Ageing Consultation November 2014)

One answer to the above issues is the VisualEyes Torbay Club where we offer advice, support and CHOICE to the Sight Impaired people of Torbay and South Devon.

We operate 3 Clubs,
1) One in Brixham at the URC Hall on New Road every 1st Monday of the month 2-4pm

2) One in Paignton Library Room 10&11 every 1st Wednesday of the month 10.30am-12.30pm

3) One in Torquay at Upton Vale Church St Marychurch Road 1st Friday of the month 10.30am-12.30pm

And subsidise the running of a ‘Spoken Book’ Club at Paignton Library Room 12 on the 2nd Tuesday of the month 10.30am-12.30pm - This project is jointly run by VisualEyes Torbay, Torbay Libraries, Friends of Paignton Library and the RNIB Library service

As with many things, personal likes and dislikes play a part in what people choose to do. For Blind and partially sighted people having a choice is not always an option. Therefore, VisualEyes is a dedicated Social and recreational club for Blind and visually impaired people which provides a vital role in helping people from becoming isolated and lonely across the whole of Torbay.

We at the Charity provide peer support networks that can increase feelings of belonging and improved feelings of well-being. Access to physical activities can help prevent trips and falls. Having access to a wide variety of experiences enables people to express themselves in things they enjoy doing – it helps connect people and reduces isolation – giving people CHOICE helps people to live happy fulfilling lives. 

We believe therefore in a can do, not can’t do approach, and offer social, recreational and sporting opportunities to blind and partially sighted people of all ages.

We also offer Transport within Torbay, at a cost of £5 return trip from your front door to our Meetings in Torbay.
We provide sessions including:
•              Golf, Bowls, Sailing, Rifle Shooting
•              Swimming, Outings and events
•              Shopping trips, Theatre outings & Cinema   
•              Attend sporting events
•              Have speakers at our sessions
•              Learn new crafts and hobbies
•              Bringing people together to share experiences, fun, social interaction, chatter and laughs
•              Spoken Word’ Book Club
Please contact us for any further information on our mobile 
07951 659 514 or

Latest News

Latest News

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