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About Us

The Brixham Blind Club has just re-formed, after it closed down 2 years ago when leaders could not be found. With a new Constitution and Committee the Club is now being held twice a month, to directly involve the Blind and Visually Impaired Community in Brixham and surrounding areas. We organise outings, social events and most importantly, create a sense of care and friendship, amongst many lonely and isolated people trapped in their homes.

There is no membership fee, and we intend to widen the membership, bringing in VI family members, carers and friends, who can work together to provide support, and create a new quality of life through new friendships, and a wider interest in life. It is our ambition to build on this model and work closely with other Visually Impaired groups and Organisations within Torbay, in order to offer wider opportunities for our members and new interests in life outside of their home, and Brixham, and even give their Carers a break!

The work on fundraising has been very successful, through grants and donations, and will continue as the Club expands. It has enabled us to provide transport, subsidise events and recently, through Sports Grants, we have been able to invest and support outdoor pursuits such as archery, ten pin bowling, outdoor bowling, swimming, horse riding and sailing.

Whilst these are not for our older members, were so excited to see a number of them joining in with us, as well as support our quieter meetings at the URC meeting room where we have been able to welcome a range of speakers such as the Sensory Team, Action for Blind, Low Vision Clinic, Torbay Carers and Benefits assistance .We are now looking for other topics and have welcomed a talk by Bee Keepers and Glass Blowing.  

The Club meets twice a month at least, at the United Reform Church, New Road, Brixham, and intends to meet every 2nd & 4th Monday in the month from 2.30pm – 4.30pm. Other dates for outings and events are also organised and we are arranging ten pin bowling & grass bowling, as well as horse riding & archery! Club numbers are now at 65 and growing!

Latest News

Latest News

We want to do as much as we can to support you with the issues relating to Coronavirus. Due to COVID restrictions we are not currently able to meet face-to-face in our usual way, but we have been...