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RNIB: Supporting Blind and Partially Sighted People

The Royal Society for Blind Children:

The Cinema Exhibitors' Association

Devon in Sight

Action for Blind People

British Wireless for the Blind

Guide Dogs

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The Macular Society



Torbay Care Trust

Sensory Team - Torbay

If you would like to get in contact with the Sensory Team or feel that you may benefit from an assessment with a Specialist Rehabilitation Worker / ROVI, please telephone 01803 219800.

The Sensory Team is part of Torbay and Southern Devon Heath and Care NHS Trust and provides services, support and advice to adults with visual impairment, hearing impairment and dual sensory loss.
The team consists of Rehabilitation Officers for Visually Impaired people (ROVI’s), Rehabilitation Officers for Hearing Impaired people (ROHI’s) and Specialist Rehab Workers.

ROVI’s assess, advise and support blind and partially sighted people and are qualified to provide training in daily living skills and getting out and about (mobility). They also complete registrations as sight or severely sight impaired and can visit you at home to discuss sight loss, assess your needs and provide information about services and equipment available to help.

They can also make suggestions about adaptations to your home environment to use lighting and colour contrast in order to help to minimise the effects of vision loss.

ROVI’s can advise about support services, benefits and local groups or sources of help and they can also provide information and support to family members and carers to assist with awareness about sight loss.

ROVI’s attend the low vision clinic at Optima in Totnes and are available for advice or discussion on the days that these clinics are held.

Latest News

Latest News

We want to do as much as we can to support you with the issues relating to Coronavirus. Due to COVID restrictions we are not currently able to meet face-to-face in our usual way, but we have been...